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Read “Reflecting on our JavaScript footprint” on Gandi's blog.

July 31th 2020 was my last day as Lead Front-End Engineer at Gandi.
As announced on Twitter, I have spent my last few hours there writing an article to be published on Gandi's blog: Reflecting on our JavaScript footprint.

After quickly describing the changes occuring on the Web, this article introduces the concept of JavaScript footprint by examining the architecture of two websites I have been working on at Gandi:

This article contains insights on how Gandi is organized, develops websites, the difficulties that are met, as well as some leads and solutions towards solving these.

There's a lot of interesting topics, contents that, for the sake of brievety, and in order to meet a very tight deadline, did not make it into the article that I intend to develop on this blog, so stay tuned. :)

Read Reflecting on our JavaScript footprint on Gandi's blog.