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Forms handling with React: Giving Up Control.

As announced on Twitter, I recently joined Dashlane, and gave my first presentation to engineers within the Web Product team.

The presentation aims to be a high-level introduction to forms handling with React.
It covers the key differences between a traditional form handling approach with JavaScript, and both the controlled input (or controlled component) and uncontrolled input approaches.
It also gives food for thought on how to consider going one way or the other for the implementation inside an existing React project for the Web.

This presentation is also kind of meant as a not so subtle invitation to:

If you're further interested, in particular by the performance implications of controlled inputs and React performance in general, I invite you to take a look at a previous presentation (in french), and other materials made at the occasion of Paris Web workshop in 2018: “Petits trucs pour rendre vos applications React plus performantes”.

Open “Forms handling with React: Giving Up Control (1.41MB pdf)”.

This presentation was given over video conference using screen sharing, in about 20 minutes excluding questions.